FIFA players

Tim 'Tim Latka' Schwartmann

Tim Schwartmann’s rise is a fairytale story. Born in Gladbeck, Schwartmann was just five years old when he experienced the Nordkurve for the first time. The now 20-year-old attends almost every home game and, since the age of 16, he regularly travels to away games to support his beloved Royal Blues.

In 2016, Tim won the S04 Knappencup, showcasing his abilities in front of 100,000 visitors at the esport youth tournament at the annual Schalke Day. Since then, Tim has donned Schalke’s Royal Blue on the virtual stage. Nowadays, it’s normal to hear his name mentioned in conversation alongside the best players in the world.

On his YouTube channel, Tim regularly posts FIFA videos that are enjoyed by more than 160,000 fans.

I do my utmost to dignify Schalke - nationally and internationally. Be it through the support in the stadium or just by mating with others in FIFA.

Tim Schwartmann

Lukas 'Idealz' Schmandt

In 2015, Lukas Schmandt started a business course at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences. To finance his studies, he had to work at a bowling alley near Frankfurt three times a week. Today, however, the 21-year-old is among Germany’s biggest FIFA talents and is living his dream, playing professionally for Schalke.

Lukas has now officially made a name for himself on the esports’ scene and has been able to swap lecture halls and bowling alleys for the virtual pitch. The defensive specialist is better known by his nickname “Idealz” and trains for hours every day to prepare for tournaments as best as possible.

Lukas stepped into the esports spotlight in 2015 when he won the second cup of the ESLM Winter Season. In the same year, the 21-year-old also shone at the PlayStation Masters with some outstanding performances.

I've been playing FIFA since 2005. I've always dreamed of playing at the top.

Lukas Schmandt

Michael 'Deos' Haan

For two years, Michael Haan plays the football simulation FIFA. In addition to the school, the 16-year-old squire is indispensable for further improving his skills. In June 2018 he won the Schalke Members Cup and prevailed against over 130 competitors. Around 10,000 royal blue fans watched the 16-year-old Schalke’s final victory live at the annual general meeting.

For the native Hamminkelner FC Schalke 04 is more than a sporting challenge: He is a Schalke fan since childhood.

Playing for Schalke is something very special for me.

Michael Haan

Philipp 'Eisvogel' Schermer

Philipp Schermer is the fourth FIFA professional in the Royal Blues squad. Before his time on Schalke, the 19-year-old played for Team Envy. The promising newcomer made his name for the first time in the 2017/2018 season, when he earned himself second place at the ESL spring championship and thus recommended himself for a place in the Squad’s squad.

Before Philipp devoted himself to his career as a FIFA professional, the Munich successfully completed the junior high school. Since 2017, his focus has been on the virtual pitch. Under the nickname “Eisvogel” Philipp takes part in national and international competitions.

For me, Schalke is not only a big step from a sporting point of view: the S04 is one of the most traditional football clubs in the world. The way Schalke is involved in esport is unprecedented.

Philipp Schermer