FIFA players

Tim 'Tim Latka' Schwartmann

Tim Schwartmann’s rise is a fairytale story. Born in Gladbeck, Schwartmann was just five years old when he experienced the Nordkurve for the first time. The now 20-year-old attends almost every home game and, since the age of 16, he regularly travels to away games to support his beloved Royal Blues.

In 2016, Tim won the S04 Knappencup, showcasing his abilities in front of 100,000 visitors at the esport youth tournament at the annual Schalke Day. Since then, Tim has donned Schalke’s Royal Blue on the virtual stage. Nowadays, it’s normal to hear his name mentioned in conversation alongside the best players in the world.

On his YouTube channel, Tim regularly posts FIFA videos that are enjoyed by more than 160,000 fans.

I do my utmost to dignify Schalke - nationally and internationally. Be it through the support in the stadium or just by mating with others in FIFA.

Tim Schwartmann

Michael 'Deos' Haan

For two years, Michael Haan plays the football simulation FIFA. In addition to the school, the 16-year-old squire is indispensable for further improving his skills. In June 2018 he won the Schalke Members Cup and prevailed against over 130 competitors. Around 10,000 royal blue fans watched the 16-year-old Schalke’s final victory live at the annual general meeting.

For the native Hamminkelner FC Schalke 04 is more than a sporting challenge: He is a Schalke fan since childhood.

Playing for Schalke is something very special for me.

Michael Haan