FC Schalke 04 has expressed a clear and unambiguous commitment to esports with its sustained commitment. In addition to its professional players, the club also employs a large number of other employees who support the department strategically and operationally.

Tim Reichert, Chief Gaming Officer

In May 2016 Tim Reichert became Head of Esports at FC Schalke 04. He successfully took over the responsibility for setting up and integrating an esport department into the structures of the traditional football club. Since October 2017, Reichert has been responsible for the strategic direction of FC Schalke 04 Esports as Chief Gaming Officer.

His activity with the miners was preceded by a degree in business informatics. Subsequently, Reichert worked for a media agency. Together with his brothers, he founded one of the most successful and well-known esport organizations in the world: SK Gaming.

At Schalke something has developed in the past months and years that we can be proud of and that benefits the whole club.

Tim Reichert, Chief Gaming Officer at FC Schalke 04 Esports