AOK Nordwest

A strong partner in esports

The health insurance company AOK NordWest has so far limited its sponsoring endeavours to the areas of health and disease prevention. As FC Schalke 04 esports’ first official partner, AOK NordWest has set itself up for a future in the growing gaming market. Now, through esports, children and teenagers as well as their parents can benefit from the health insurance company’s extensive experience and expertise.

The cooperation enables us to inform children, adolescents and their parents about important health topics, not only at the Bundesliga home games or at the AOK ``Knappenkids Cup``, but also in the Esport area in the future. With innovative elements, we will also be able to demonstrate our many years of expertise in the field of health promotion through this new communication channel. This underscores our innovative strength and pioneering role as the largest healthcare provider in the region.

Dr. Martina Niemeyer, stellvertretende Vorstandsvorsitzende der AOK NordWest

Schalke’s head of marketing, Alexander Jobst, on the contract extension with AOK: “We are happy to extend our partnership with AOK NordWest. AOK’s additional commitment to our esports team shows the great interest of leading companies in this innovative growing market.”

The Esports Pro Guide - powered by AOK NordWest

AOK NordWest celebrated the start of their campaign with the “Esports Pro Guide.” At the start of the year, the health insurance company went live with their own website, which offers an array of informative articles and videos on the topic of gaming, including helpful tips and tricks from professional esport players.

A healthy lifestyle is also important for gamers. And so we have now extended our commitment to this field. Focus, control, responsiveness - those who want to score in these areas need physical and mental fitness. This is where our health offers come in.

Marc König, Head of Marketing, Sales and Prevention at AOK NordWest

FC Schalke 04 players are currently at the centre of the esports Pro Guide. Articles and videos from professional FIFA players Tim “Tim Latka” Schwartmann and Lukas “Idealz” Schmandt, as well as League of Legends player Elias “Upset” Lipp, provide an insight into the exciting world of computer and video games.

Esports Pro Guide – powered by AOK NordWest