Prime League Finals: Schalke 04 Evolution cannot reward itself for a strong comeback

The League of Legends Evolution Team from Schalke 04 Esports just missed the next title win in the Prime League. In the final of the winter split against mousesports, the Royal Blues lost the best-of-5 series 2-3. It was the third final duel in a row between S04 and mouz.

S04 Evolution shows fighting spirit

Already in the finals of Spring (3-1) and Summer Splits (0-3) this year, the Royal Blues met mouz. After the victory in March and the defeat in August, S04 Evolution now had a clear goal in mind: The team around Lukas “Lurox” Thoma wanted to return the favor for the lost final in the Summer Split and bring the next title to Gelsenkirchen. “The fact that both teams have reached the final three times in a row shows that mouz and we are one level above the other teams in the league,” “Lurox” said before the showdown on Sunday evening.

And it was the expected close and high-class match. Mouz got off to a better start, winning both the first and second games. So S04 Evolution now had to make up a 2-0 deficit. Anyone who assumed a clear 3-0 for mouz was then taught otherwise. The Royal Blues Academy team proved that it has similar comeback qualities to the S04 professional team, which managed a historic comeback with the Miracle Run in the past LEC season. S04 Evolution managed to win the following two games and put the result at 2-2.

mouz has the longer breath

A fifth and final game decided the outcome of the Prime League Finals. Schalke went into the final game with confidence after the strong comeback, but were unable to build on their previous performances. Opponent mouz gained a gold advantage early in the game and after winning the Summer Split secured the second Prime League title in a row.

Despite the defeat, 2020 was an extremely successful year for Schalke 04 Evolution. A title and two finals in the Prime League are a top record that can be built on. In 2021 the title hunt for the League of Legends Academy Team of the Royal Blues continues.

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