EU LCS: Losses against H2K and Fnatic - S04 miss out on playoff spot

FC Schalke 04 were unable to secure a place in the playoffs in this Split. The Royal Blues were beaten by H2K on Friday (16th March). Schalke were also unsuccessful in their match against Fnatic on Saturday (17th March), meaning that the Knappen finished the Spring Split in eighth place and will therefore not go through to the playoffs.

The Schalke League of Legends team played out a hard-fought match against H2K on Friday. Despite an impressive start to the game, in which Schalke were able to put the opponents under more and more pressure and avoided taking unnecessary risks, H2K made their first big mark on the game after around ten minutes with the “Dragon”.

H2K took a clear step forwards at the half-hour mark and Schalke came under increasing pressure; they were left with nothing at the end of the game and had to accept defeat by the clearly more effective, more aggressive and braver opponents.

The Royal Blues then played their final game of the split on Saturday and it was against none other than leaders Fnatic. Schalke went slightly behind after around ten minutes. Fnatic, for whom the game no longer counted for anything as they had already qualified for the playoffs, did not conceal their individual quality and cohesive team play. The game was over after roughly 25 minutes. Fnatic demonstrated their impressive abilities once again, showing why they’re top of the league and Nukeduck and Vander could not match the performance. Schalke therefore finished the league in eighth, but will have the chance to realise the dream of qualifying for the playoffs again in the upcoming Summer Split.

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