Supporter Relations Department

For many Schalke supporters, "once a Schalke fan, always a Schalke fan" is not just a saying but a way of life that shapes their relationship with the club in a very special way.

Accordingly, the needs and wants of the club’s supporters are very varied. Schalke are aware of their responsibility to their fans and proud to have such a large support. On 1 July 2012 the club therefore set up its own supporter relations department to deal with all matters relating to supporters.


The supporter relations department performs a wide variety of tasks and covers the following areas:

  • It serves as a point of contact for all fans on matchdays and during the week.
  • It engages in regular dialogue with the Schalke Fan Club Association, supporter organisations, fan clubs and unorganised supporters, thus serving as a link between the fan base and the club.
  • It is in constant contact with the supporter liaison officers of other clubs and the associations; it serves as a point of contact for institutions and is the go-to place for all matters pertaining to fans.
  • It organises the distribution of away match tickets.
  • It organises travel to away matches in the Bundesliga and in Europe.


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Supporter Relations Department
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