Supporter Relations Department

"Once a Schalke fan, always a Schalke fan" is not just a chant for S04 fans, but also a motto to live by. One that really defines the fans’ relationship with the club. The concerns and wishes of those fans are naturally diverse, but FC Schalke 04 is aware of this and its responsibility, and has therefore created a direct contact point with the Fan Affairs department.

Team Fanbelange

Thomas Kirschner, Daniel Koslowski, Sven Graner and Mitja Müller are all representatives of the fans, both in the stadium and during the week. They provide a direct link with the fans and are regularly in contact with fan organisations, fan clubs and other sets of fans. In addition, Sven Graner acts as a representative for disabled fans. The fifth man in the team is Klaus Horstmann, who takes care of the department’s online activities on, as well as the Facebook page and Twitter account.

In addition to the extensive preparation before and after home and away games, the Fan Affairs department takes on a host of other tasks. For example, they are always reachable for travelling fans at training camps, both abroad or and domestically, organising leisure activities and accompanying fellow fans e.g. when the team is in China. In addition to this, events such as “Anne Theke”, changing room discussions with players and the Fan Mile on Schalke’s annual fan day are organised by the Fan Affairs department.

Within the club, the Fan Affairs team shares its expertise with various departments regarding the subject of fans and fan culture. A variety of networking activities also take place, such as exchanges with other clubs, security agencies or at meetings with the DFB and DFL. At these events, we believe that the positions and views of the fans should be conveyed and taken on board. Gathering international contacts is also an important activity, a recent example of this being the „Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football“ organised by Supporters Direct (SD) Europe.

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