FC (Fat Club) Schalke 04 - losing weight while playing football

A group of friends in Lincoln, England are representing FC Schalke 04 in their bid to lose weight by playing football. We spoke to team member, Jamie Parsons, about their progress, why they took our club’s name and their new-found love for a German team.

FC (Fat Club) Schalke 04 team photo

What is Man V Fat?
MAN v FAT Football is a football league with a difference. It’s exclusively for men who want to lose weight, and you must have a BMI of 27.5 or over to join. You can score goals for your team both on the pitch and on the weighing scales. i.e., losing weight 3 weeks in a row counts as a goal or losing 5% of your starting weight is a hat-trick for the team. It’s perfect for those who have gained weight and want to get back into football but can’t play at the level they used to be able to, as well as those who are looking at trying football for the first time to get fitter and healthier.

How much weight have you lost so far?
As a team we have lost a massive 153kg in just 14 weeks, with the starting players losing an average of 10.7% of their starting weight! The team consists of the following players:

Mattieu Rogers (-14.1%), David Milligan (-12.5%), Daniel Stark (-11.3%), Kieran Money (-10.6%), Kane Bardill (10.5%), Andrew Mason (-10.2%), Nathaniel Bowcock (-9.8%), Will Craft (-9.6%), Anthony Rowe (-9.1%), Jamie Parsons (-8.9%), Carl Blow (-5.5%, joined week 7).

FC (Fat Club) Schalke 04 weight loss picture

How has your team been doing?
Truth be told, our team has been doing fantastic! We won the entire regular season winning all but one game along the way and then made it to the cup final last week. Despite losing 1-0 on the pitch, we won 15-7 overall due to further weight loss, which gave us a 10% bonus! We’re now looking forward to our third season.

Why did you call your team FC (Fat Club) Schalke 04?
Our team has quite a strong connection with Germany with a few of us having both lived and worked in different parts of Germany, namely Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Osnabrück. One of the team picked up a love for the Royal Blues whilst working over there back in 2008 during Schalke’s Champions League run. He said the atmosphere was fantastic and it was weird to see fans from other Bundesliga clubs in the pub cheering for Schalke against Barcelona. That isn’t a very common occurrence in England! It’s fair to say every single player is a massive Schalke fan now!

FC (Fat Club) Schalke 04 trophy lift

Have any of you ever seen a Schalke game live?
Unfortunately, none of us have been able to make it to a game yet, however we have all discussed flying over to Hannover one weekend to catch a game once we are fully vaccinated, especially if we are able to do the double next season which is most definitely our plan! Unfortunately, due to the way that MVF Football works, we will all be getting divided up into separate teams at the end of next season to make it fairer on the other players, so next season will be our last together.

Will you be following the Royal Blues this season?
Yes, we already are! It was not a good start losing against Hamburger SV, but Simon Terodde is a very good signing and should bring lots of goals this season! We hope to see FC Schalke 04 get straight back into the Bundesliga where we belong! Our WhatsApp group was buzzing after the win against Holstein Kiel!

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