Schalker International: Ayman Baioumy

In our latest edition of our series ‘Schalker International’, where we’ll meet Schalke fans all over the globe and find out about how they came to love FC Schalke 04, we spoke to Ayman Baioumy from Morocco.

How did you become a Schalke fan?
Back in 2012, when I was 10, I bought PES and I used to play UEFA Champions League tournaments. I then noticed that whenever I faced Schalke I lost and that was the first time that I came across the club. A couple of years later, I was watching the TV with my uncle and we saw a game against Leverkusen. I really enjoyed it and we won 2-1, including a beautiful goal from Goretzka. Since then, I’ve watched Schalke every weekend.

What’s supporting Schalke like in Morocco?
It’s a bit strange because most Moroccans support the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and the big English teams. People are often shocked when I tell them who my favourite team is!

Are they many Schalke fans in Morocco?
Sadly no, but they are still well-known here. I remember my father saw me watching a Schalke game and he told me that it’s a strong team, mainly because of the amazing run in the Champions League with Raul.

Three Schalke players are currently involved with the national team. What impact has this had?
When Amine Harit plays well everyone speaks about Schalke on social media. There was a lot of interest when he signed too. Fans are also keeping an eye on Boujellab too, he’s got a lot of potential.

When Amine Harit plays well everyone speaks about Schalke on social media.

Ayman Baioumy

What’s your most memorable Schalke match?
I would say the Champions League tie against Real Madrid in 2015. It was very stressful and a great performance by Sané. I really enjoyed it, even though we didn’t qualify.

Have you ever been to Germany or the VELTINS-Arena?
Not yet sadly, but I’ll definitely visit the VELTINS-Arena – it’s my favourite stadium. My goal is to live in Germany one day too.

Who is your favourite all-time Schalke player? One of our Moroccans?
To be honest, I love all Schalke players but if had to choose I’d go with the Hunter. He’s a very good striker and I’m happy he’s back to help the club. Hopefully he will be back on the pitch soon after his injury. Harit still has a lot of potential and I really like him too. I’d love it if we could keep him until he reaches his peak!

What do you love about the club? What makes S04 special?
Everything, the fans are amazing! I’m so glad I’m a part of this beautiful community. The mentality of not giving up is what makes Schalke special for me, and the example of that is our game against Dortmund when we drew 4-4, that’s why I always have hope that Schalke will come back stronger even though it’s been a bad season for us.

Finally, why would you recommend supporting Schalke?
A club that respects its fans with honour, that’s my message to all people!

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