Marius Bülter: Amazing to celebrate the win in front of the Nordkurve with our fans

S04 defeated Dynamo Dresden 3-0 at home on Saturday evening (23/10). After a fourth straight win, both head coaches gave their views on the game, while goalscorers Thomas Ouwejan and Marius Bülter also spoke to the press.

Marius Bülter

Dimitrios Grammozis:

It was a difficult game as expected. As in previous matches, Dynamo Dresden didn’t struggle for possession or on the ball. The lads grew into the game more and more and created some positive moments in the final third, including when Rodrigo Zalazar hit the post. We were active and got the first goal as a result of that. We didn’t allow them many chances, which was an important factor tonight. We would have decided the game relatively early on had we got the second goal at the start of the second half. Thomas Ouwejan’s set pieces were key tonight. It’s important in the second division to be patient and wait for your chances to strike at the right moment. Congratulations to our players and our fans, who supported us amazingly once again. They played a big part in us securing the win. The important thing now is that we recover well to be fully fit and raring to go for the cup game on Tuesday.

Alexander Schmidt:

The final scoreline really hurts. We weren’t clever enough in key moments. 3-0 is a disappointing result, but it was still a committed performance from my team. Ultimately though, we lost so we can’t gloss over tonight.

Thomas Ouwejan:

It wasn’t my best goal, but they all count. I’m really happy that I scored it. Playing in front of so many fans makes you want to score even more. It was obviously fortunate – but who cares? The atmosphere was incredible. It was already loud with 25,000 fans, so with 55,000 it was just amazing.

Marius Bülter:

It was extremely loud and we won 3-0, so tonight was perfect. There’s nothing better than celebrating a win with the fans in front of the Nordkurve. We knew tonight wouldn’t be an easy game. We’re playing well right now and getting wins. The second goal gave us more security and helped seal the win.


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