Simon Terodde: “It was a rollercoaster of emotions”

Simon Terodde’s goal in the 63rd minute to make it 3-0 in FC Schalke 04’s 4-0 home win over VfL Osnabrück was certainly a special one. The captain added another action to his well-known goal celebration and directed it towards his family in the stands, sucking his thumb to represent the birth of his third child.

After the match, the forward brought to light that a new member had been added to the Terodde family: “It was a really important goal for me. I was actually in the delivery room yesterday, where my daughter Tilda came into the world. I knew that my wife was watching from home. I wanted to leave everything out on the pitch and say hello to my wife, the little one, and my older kids.”

It worked out perfectly. Terodde appeared to be relieved both on the pitch and after the game. “It’s definitely a crazy contrast when you’re going through a difficult period as a footballer, and then experience an incredible moment like this. It was a rollercoaster of emotions,” shared the 35-year-old. It was so much more than just a goal. Not only did it put the game beyond doubt, but it ended a twelve-game-long dry spell for the 2. Bundesliga’s all-time top goalscorer, and his relief was palpable.

He showed that he was completely committed

Karel Geraerts

Terodde even had to miss the last two training sessions before the all-important home game, but in his and head coach Karel Geraerts’ opinion, this was no reason to sit out of the clash against Osnabrück. “I told the coach that I’m fully committed. Of course, the birth was at the forefront of my mind, but I still wanted to be there for the boys no matter what,” explained Terodde. Geraerts added, “I’m a father myself and know how delighted he must be. It was clear from the start of the week that Simon would be an option for the starting XI. We briefly discussed whether he had gotten enough sleep, and he showed that he was completely committed.”

A home win and a new addition to the family – what’s next? Schalke’s captain is not allowing his emotions to get the better of him, but is instead keeping an eye on factual analysis. “We kept a clean sheet and know that we have the attacking quality to score goals. It was a very important feeling. We have to stay humble, but also enjoy the moment. We have two important games ahead of us, so we want to build on it.” The next opponents are FC Hansa Rostock. Another greeting to the Terodde family in the far north would also be a welcome sight for every Schalke fan.

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