Bastian Oczipka: Painful and disappointing

Head coach Domenico Tedesco felt that the 3-1 defeat to Bayern on Saturday (9/2) was deserved. Daniel Caligiuri and Bastian Oczipka were frustrated with the individual errors that led to goals. has summarised the post-match reactions.

Bastian Oczipka

Domenico Tedesco:

We deserved to lose the game; Bayern were simply better than us, dominated us and had a lot of chances. We played with too much. If you want to get something in Munich then you have to defend from the front, which we didn’t do. Bayern know what to do when they have the ball. We would have liked to have had more possession. After going 2-1 down we wanted a more aggressive central midfielder as we struggled early on, so we brought Omar Mascarell on. It wasn’t a decision to take Sebastian Rudy off, but rather to bring Omar on.

Niko Kovac:

I’m pleased with the result – we could have scored even more goals, mind. When you consider that we also played 120 minutes midweek, then that’s alright. In the second half, we tried to control the game. We could have done that better, just like we could have done it better on Wednesday, too.

Daniel Caligiuri:

Of course it isn’t easy to defend every chance against Bayern. What frustrates me is that we conceded from our own mistakes. We came back brilliantly but then conceded immediately by giving the ball away in the middle. We simply cannot do that at that stage of the game. We need to learn from that and do better in the next games. We’re trying to play our way through more than in the first half of the season and we created a few chances today. We should have made it 2-2. If we had equalised, perhaps we’d have been able to get something else on the break. Then Bayern made it 3-1 and it became a lot harder to get back into the game.

Bastian Oczipka:

We had a lot of plans for today’s game. If you get outplayed by Bayern, no one gets criticised, because Bayern just simply have so much quality. However, the way we conceded the goals today was disappointing. Of course Bayern will have more possession, but it was a mistake conceding so soon after equalising. It is very demoralising when that happens. In the second half, we had two chances to equalise, but they ended up scoring a third. It was very disappointing.