Christian Heidel: Victory in the derby can have a massive effect

Christian Heidel has overseen four derbies as sporting director of Schalke 04 and is still unbeaten. “We all believe that we can make this one a positive experience,” said the 55-year-old.

“Firstly we need to make sure we don’t give up. The aim of the game is clear. It is to inflict a first defeat on BVB,” said Heidel. The positions in the league will have no affect on the derby.

However, he knows how strong the opponents are. “BVB’s attack is not easy to defend against but we want to stand up against them,” said the sporting director. Head coach Domenico Tedesco has already put a lot of thought towards how they will halt their opponents. “I know what the coach has in mind, but I am not going to say,” said Heidel.

“The aim of the game is clear. It is to inflict a first defeat on BVB”

Christian Heidel

Heidel knows that a good result for the team will reap its rewards in the future. “The 4-4 draw last year was incredible and thoroughly motivated us for the next matches. Also the 2-0 victory gave us confidence for the final games of last season. A victory in the derby can give us great confidence,” he said. Heidel certainly wouldn’t mind a repetition of last year.


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