Daniel Caligiuri: A quick cross can always cause issues

After the draw at Borussia-Park, Daniel Caligiuri, Ralf Fährmann and Christian Heidel answered the media’s questions. We noted their answers.

Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Schalke 04

Daniel Caligiuri:

Whether the equaliser was lucky or not doesn’t matter to me. I always try to bring pace from wide areas. Quick crosses from wide always cause issues. It can hit a teammate at the near post or a defender and it’s difficult to defend against. I think a draw is a fair result. We were slow to start with but we came into the game. It’s a shame we didn’t make it 2-1 at the end.

Ralf Fährmann:

Both teams had good chances throughout the game so a draw is fair. In the second half, we applied more pressure but Gladbach had a lot of the ball. We put in a solid performance against a very strong team. All in all, we can be happy with the result. I can see why fans get annoyed at the decisions today as it stops the flow of the game. I pointed out to the referee the foul in the build-up.

Christian Heidel:

I’m proud of the team. They gave their all against a very strong team. We deserved a point from our second half performance. I think the final score was the right one on reflection.