Dimitrios Grammozis: A really sad time for all Schalker

The 1-0 loss in Bielefeld on Tuesday night (20/4) confirmed that S04 will spend next season in the second division. Both head coaches plus Gerald Asamoah commented on the 90 minutes in the SchücoArena as well as Schalke’s situation.

Dimitrios Grammozis

Dimitrios Grammozis:

This is a really sad time for all Schalker – for all fans and the employees who give their all for this club day in, day out. We’re so disappointed that we are now definitely going down. Our fate has been sealed as a result of all our games this season, not just tonight. Now we want to end the campaign in an acceptable manner. We won’t gift any games to our opponents and will prepare appropriately for them, so that we can give our all and represent the club proudly in the final games.

Despite all the disappointment, we have to look ahead and get lads in who know what Schalke means and what’s required of them. We will do all we can to make sure we have a strong squad for when the new season begins and that it’s a team the fans can be proud of, so that we can get promoted together.

Frank Kramer:

We saw an intense game today. I think my lads were in control but also showed a lot of aggression. It was important for us to stick to our plan. We did that outstandingly. We won back possession on a number of occasions that led to goalscoring opportunities. Unfortunately it took a while for us to get our noses in front. In the end we thoroughly deserved to win the game. Every win helps us fight against relegation. We’ve now got four games left and we know we need to work hard in all of them to achieve our goal.

Every football fan’s heart bleeds for such a big club like Schalke with so much history and so many members when they get relegated. A club like this having to play in the second division brings a tear to our eyes. I know Gerald Asamoah from our time together in Fürth. I tried to find words of condolences and encouragement after full time, but I know that isn’t easy.

Gerald Asamoah:

Realising that it’s not mathematically possible anymore is brutal. I’m not doing well at the moment and I can’t imagine how many Schalker are sat at home in front of the TV crying. We are all disappointed. Everybody who was in this team has to look at themselves. Wearing the Schalke badge means an awful lot. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m a positive guy. I know what we can do behind the scenes for this club, so I’m optimistic that we can come back. It’s hard to accept that we’ll be in the second division next season. We’re ready, though and we know what to expect.

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