Domenico Tedesco: We can take positives from the game

Domenico Tedesco and Peter Hermann - who took charge in place of an ill Jupp Heynckes - spoke following the headline act of the Bundesliga's Matchday 22 about the game following the final whistle.

Domenico Tedesco:

First and foremost, I’d like to wish Jupp Heynckes a speedy recovery. I hope that he gets over his flu quickly and will be back on the training ground soon. Congratulations to Bayern on the victory after a lively game from both team.

We had a big task on our hands. We wanted to show a certain level of physicality against Bayern’s strong, technically good central defenders. Also to help us win the second balls. We also wanted to keep possession and keep the ball moving. Our decision making as good. Overall, it was a very bold performance, not just defensively, but also in attack. That’s so easy against Bayern München. Our opponent played cleverly and countered well. In the final stages, the took the heat out of the match with their calmness and smart pay. They did everything well in the decisive moments. In the end, we can take many positives from this game, but no points. If we continue playing like this, it‘s just a matter of time before we will start being rewarded for such performances.

Peter Hermann:

It was a very difficult game for us. Schalke pressed well, there was a lot of running out there. Our opponents were always in the game and made our lives very difficult. Jupp Heynckes text me straight after the final whistle to congratulate me on the victory. I gladly pass that praise onto the team. The way they have been performing in recent weeks and months has been fantastic.

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