A team on and off the pitch

It has been a successful season for Schalke and now it is now time for the team to celebrate, but this time in the Spanish sun. Ralf Fährmann and Co. are set to head to the Catalonian metropolis of Barcelona to celebrate, and reflect on their achievements this season.

Mannschaft und Fans

“It was a great season,” said Naldo on reflection. “We have given it our all in every match and training session in order to get this far.” The Bundesliga runners-up are now looking forward to enjoying a view days together in Barcelona in the same team spirit.

“We have brought a positive feeling back to the club” said Ralf Fährmann proudly. Domenico Tedesco added: “I am particularly pleased for our fans. They have been incredible this season. Having the twelfth man behind us has really helped. We are really grateful for this incredible and consistent level of support.”

Tedesco took the time to thank all of the players and training staff for their hard work this season over brunch on Sunday. He also wished his players a pleasant trip to Barcelona.

And, who knows? The Royal-Blues might have to book more tickets to Catalonia in a few months if they draw FC Barcelona in the Champions League. We might have another trip to look forward to!