Guido Burgstaller: The fans’ support was amazing

Both coaches agreed that Bayern deserved to win the game on Saturday (24/8), although David Wagner felt the scoreline was too high. Niko Kovac praised Robert Lewandowski’s clinical nature, while Guido Burgstaller praised the home support.

Guido Burgstaller

David Wagner:

Bayern München deserved to win, albeit the scoreline was a little too high. We tried to defend in the first half, but we were too rash with the ball and barely kept it for a period of time. Things improved after the break. We created chances and played well. For me, we should have had two penalties for handball. I think despite the defeat, today’s game will help us to improve. I was happy with a number of things I saw, so there’s definitely plenty to build on.

Niko Kovac:

We knew it was going to be difficult. The Schalke fans’ support before, during and after the match was crazy. It was really impressive. But we stayed focused for the 90 minutes, took our chances well and didn’t give them too many opportunities. Robert Lewandowski was obviously sensational. His finishing and efficiency are unparalleled. I hope he continues this form in the coming weeks and months.

Guido Burgstaller:

It feels strange as I don’t think we deserved to lose by a three-goal margin. We were definitely in the game in the second half. We didn’t play with enough confidence in the first period, and weren’t active enough. We improved on that after the break. When you concede a second goal just after half time against Bayern, you know it’s going to be difficult. We then got on the ball well and we didn’t just lump it forwards hopelessly. If we had got one back, I think we would have had a good shot at taking a point. The atmosphere would have been insane had that happened. I think we could have been given two penalties for handball today, but unfortunately we never got them. The fans’ support was amazing. Your fans don’t normally clap you so much after a 3-0 defeat. I would like to thank them on behalf of all the team. We want to give them a win next week against Hertha BSC.