Guido Burgstaller: That wasn’t enough

A point gained, but a poor performance on the night. S04 were disappointed with their 1-1 draw in Nürnberg and has summarised the post-match reactions.

Guido Burgstaller

Huub Stevens:

Our performance tonight simply wasn’t good enough. The fans applauded us despite losing to Bremen in the DFB-Pokal, as they saw how much the players gave. It was the same against Frankfurt. I can understand why the fans were frustrated at tonight’s performance. Nürnberg were more aggressive and played better.

Boris Schommers:

It is disappointing to have only picked up one point, but we don’t have any real reason to be disappointed. We carried out our plan successfully and had a hold on the game. I don’t understand the decision to disallow our goal shortly before half-time. Hanno Behrens only played the ball and didn’t touch Alexander Nübel. The referee has made a mistake that shouldn’t happen at this level. Nübel’s save from the penalty was a good one. From the 60th minute on we had great chances to score but Nübel was fantastic again. Only one side deserved to win the game tonight, and that was us.

Guido Burgstaller:

Nürnberg were by far the better team for 70 minutes and would have certainly deserved more from the game. We are in the thick of it and we will only get out of there together, but we just have to show more. We’ll take the point, as we’ve still got some tough weeks ahead. Our pressing game as a team didn’t work today, we were too slow at passing and you won’t get any chances at goal like that. On the whole it was just not enough.


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