Huub Stevens: Well done to the lads

You could see the joy on Huub Stevens’ face after the derby win. His opposite number Lucien Favre was naturally disappointed. The Swiss coach was angry with the handball decision for the penalty. Both coaches’ reactions have been summarised on

Huub Stevens

Huub Stevens:

We’re obviously happy about it, because we performed today. A massive compliment to the team. I saw how concentrated we were going about it during training this week. The players put the tactical plans into effect very well and put in a good performance. Then a result like that comes about. Of course it was a little lucky. But when you win 4-2 in Dortmund, you can be very pleased as a Royal Blue.

Lucien Favre:

Lucien Favre: In the end it finished 4-2, but I think it could have been different. We started very well and got a nice goal. The penalty to make it 1-1 really hurt us. After going 2-1 down, it was very difficult for the team, but we still had enough time to come back. Even though we went down to nine men, we made it 3-2 and that gave us a little bit of hope. It’s a shame that we didn’t get any more. The situation is very hard to stomach, and the title is decided in my opinion. The handball rule is laughable and a scandal in my opinion. Evidently, in the future the players will have to chop their arms off. But you need your arms to play. The rule has nothing to do with football.


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