Jochen Schneider: We can only get through it together

FC Schalke 04 have now lost two games in a row for the first time this season after Saturday’s 3-0 loss against 1. FC Köln. “It’s a difficult situation for all of us,” Jochen Schneider summed up the Royal Blues’ recent form.

“Unfortunately we are far from the performances we were showing in the first half of the season. There are reasons for it, and we are aware of it,” explains the sporting director without looking for excuses. “But if you look at our defeats this season they are big. Lots of players who were important for us in the first half of the season are unavailable. That would be difficult for any team.”

Lacking security

Along with the personnel situation, the 49-year-old believes the mentality of the players equally plays a part. “The unfortunate results of late have done something to the team,” says Schneider, “we are lacking a bit of security.” Something that was clearly missing on Saturday evening. “This can happen when you come up against a team that have been in such great form lately.” It was a thoroughly deserved victory for 1. FC Köln.

Nevertheless, the situation is by no means hopeless, “Getting out of this situation will be a challenge. But we are ready for it. There’s no point sitting around and sulking.” Instead it’s important to keep calm and, above all, stick together, “We can only get through this together.”

What defines Schalke is a close togetherness, even in difficult situations.

Jochen Schneider

This includes every single player, along with Alexander Nübel of course. “He’s still a Schalke player. And what defines Schalke is a close togetherness, even in difficult situations. We can’t single anyone out. Alex doesn’t make any mistakes on purpose. We will build him back up. And then hopefully we can all get out of this situation together.”


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