Leon Goretzka: A very emotional day

We spoke to a happy Ralf Fährmann, Daniel Caligiuri and Leon Goretzka after the final Bundesliga game of the 2017/2018 season. Leon in particular found the game an emotional one. schalke04.de noted the players' post-match reaction.

Ralf Fährmann:

I can’t put this feeling into words. I think we’ve made a lot of people happy today. I can’t get past that. We’ve had a tough season and come out in second place. The passion is back and we’ve brought the happiness back into the club. We’re proud of everything that we’ve done this season. It’s going to take some time to sink in. Today’s game mirrored our season. We fought hard and didn’t give anything away. I’m delighted Alex Nübel could make his second Bundesliga appearance. He’s a great guy. We help each other out and he deserves to play in front of these fans.

Daniel Caligiuri:

When you can crown a season with a win like this at home, it’s a sensational feeling. We already had second place in the bag but we still wanted to win for our fans. They were exceptional once again. We were fully focused from the first minute and deserved to win.

Leon Goretzka:

It was a very emotional game for me. After the final whistle, there was a film of all the season’s highlights and it brought back memories of all the great moments. It was very important for me to win my final game here. The head coach said tp us before the game that we should have a party out on the pitch. I think we managed that.

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