Manuel Baum: Efforts not rewarded at the moment

Head coach Manuel Baum, as well as forwards Steven Skrzybski and Mark Uth react to Saturday's 4-1 defeat in Mönchengladbach.

Manuel Baum

Manuel Baum:

“We defended well and were good in transition until their second. Our goal was wonderfully worked. The balance between effort and reward isn’t right at the moment. We need too many challenges and chances to score a goal. Conversely, our opponents need very few chances. Three of their four goals came from giving the ball away too easily, we need to take a good look at ourselves. The other goal was bad defending from a set piece.”

Marco Rose:

“We were too nervous in the first half hour. We made too many mistakes and gave the ball away too easy. But there are good reasons for that. But I’m happy that the lads played their way into the game. They were a lot more in the game from the half-hour mark. From then on, we were a lot better and we deserved to come out winners in a difficult game.”

Mark Uth:

“I thought we played well in the first half and maybe deserved a second goal. But then we concede another goal and go into the break 2-1 down. We had good phases and started the second half with a lot of motivation. We just had to keep going after they made it 3-1 because we’d been doing well until then in terms of creating chances. We were better in the first half, but we didn’t defend well enough, that’s why we went behind. We also need to defend the second ball better in midfield and try to win loose balls.”

Steven Skrzybski:

“When you look at how we played in the first half, I think you can see we’re making progress. But we have to defend better overall. We wanted to attack with courage and not just hit long balls forward, but also work our way up the pitch with good football. In the second half we gave Gladbach too much space and allowed them to counterattack. We have to deal with our current circumstances united and as a team. It was a step forwards but we need results at the end of the day. We need to take advance of our chances to get ourselves ahead.”


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