Manuel Baum: Good with the ball but still struggling in the final third

Head coaches Manuel Baum and Pellegrino Matarazzo spoke about the draw between S04 and VfB Stuttgart on Friday night (30/10). Mark Uth also gave his thoughts after the game.

Manuel Baum

Manuel Baum:

I think it was fair that we went ahead in the first half. We were good with the ball and had enough confidence to play it out from the back. We still have problems in the final third though. We aren’t making enough of promising situations still. We pressed well in the first half, but weren’t on it as well after the break. We didn’t get enough tackles in but still managed to keep ourselves compact. The runs that we made in the first half weren’t as good as we’d hoped for in the second. I think 1-1 is a fair scoreline when you look at the game.

Pellegrino Matarazzo:

We witnessed an evenly-matched first half, where our pressing wasn’t 100 per cent effective. Then, we went behind after conceding off a set piece. We were more dominant during the second half and allowed them few chances. We went on the attack often, but lacked that final touch in order to create more clear-cut chances for ourselves. It was a very good second half from us. We can be satisfied with our performance.

Mark Uth:

We wanted the three points today, but we didn’t manage it. We were very brave in playing out from the back and taking risks and we have to build on that. In attack we have to play better football because we are not creating enough chances for ourselves. We need better link-up play and we often make the wrong decisions in the final third. I wanted to be out there on the pitch to help the team and keep pushing on, so it was very important to me that I played.

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