Manuel Baum: We will have to critically reflect on this game

Manuel Baum and Omar Mascarell spoke to the press after the 2-0 home defeat to SC Freiburg on Wednesday evening (16/12). Visiting coach Christian Streich also reflected on the game.

Manuel Baum

Manuel Baum:

We are incredibly disappointed about this game. Things were even defensively, but we were too ineffective in the final third all game. We didn’t manage to create any moments on the break to create chances for ourselves. In the first half, we failed to break forward with power and pace once winning the ball back. We wanted to carry on being aggressive in the second half and wanted to score. We shouldn’t be conceding a goal like the first one tonight. After that, not much went right for us. We tried everything we could, but nothing seemed to work up front. We will have to critically reflect on this game and then turn all our focus to the match against Bielefeld.

Christian Streich:

The decisive factor today was our lads working their socks off. Schalke wanted to remain compact and play with discipline at the back, which they managed well. We only had two chances in the first half, although they only had one themselves. Ultimately, it was a deserved victory. It was hard-fought and a real tactical battle. I’m pleased that we were composed and structured; that allowed us to win 2-0. It was a mature performance from the boys.

Omar Mascarell:

We need to be making more chances if we want to be scoring goals. We really struggled after they scored the opener. We need to work on our problems and improve. We have to win on Saturday – we won’t be able to make the same errors we made today. We won’t give up, and I still believe in my team.


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