Reunion with Marko Pjaca in Fiorentina friendly

On Saturday (11.08.18) we will be reunited with former player, Marko Pjaca, who joined ACF Fiorentina on loan from Juventus a few days ago and will feature for Fiorentina in Schalke´s final friendly. The World Cup runner-up played for us on loan in the latter part of last season.

Unlike before, Pjaca will not play in the blue and white kit of Schalke in the Veltins-Arena but instead in the violet coloured shirt of Fiorentina. The colour is the distinguishing feature of the Serie A team. Originally their club colours were white and red, inspired by the colours of the city of Florence. However this all changed when a cleaner made a mistake.

Legend has it that in September 1929, the cleaner took the sweaty kit as usual to the nearby river Arno, and without the luxury of an electric washing machine, she had to clean the kits in the murky looking water. However due to the chemicals in the water, the kits became discoloured and a few days later Fiorentina had to play in a friendly versus AS Roma in the newly coloured violet kit, instead of their red and white kit. However more credible sources claim that the club`s colours go back to Count Luigi Ridolfi Vay da Verrazzano who was the first president of ACF Fiorentina.

In the shadow of Turin, Milan and Rome

The past two seasons, Fiorentina have finished in 8th with Stefano Piolo´s team being named as the “Best of the Rest”. They also reached the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia. “We have a very young team”, Pioli says. “The club are increasingly relying on young talent, who will develop into top players. We are well positioned even with other strong teams throughout the league. The team have very strong character and spirit”, he added proudly.

We are well positioned even with other strong teams throughout the league

Stefano Pioli

However the team encountered some dreadful news last season. In March, their club captain Davide Astori died of a heart attack at the age of 31. Pioli has tattooed on his wrist #DA13 in memory of the Fiorentina centre-back.

Glorious, but unsuccessful for a long time.

Founded on the 26th of August 1926, the Violets first lingered in mediocrity. ACF Fiorentina made their debut in the Serie A during the 1931/32 season. Being the sporting flagship of the Tuscan region, ACF Fiorentina grew as a club between 1956 and 1969, in which they won two titles. In 1961, the team from Florence became the first team to ever win the European Cup Winner’s Cup, the biggest international success of the club to date. In addition to this, the Violets have won six Coppa Italias.

Bankruptcy and Renaissance

The darkest chapter of the club began in the early 2000s. In the first round of the UEFA-cup, Fiorentina surprisingly lost to FC Tirol Innsbruck and this was followed by their bankruptcy, with the early exit meaning they lost out on some of their expected income. Poor financial policies and overpriced transfers from the past few years also played a part. In 2002, ACF Fiorentina had their licence revoked, which then resulted in the club being relegated to the third division.

Nevertheless the tragedy was followed by heroics, with the club making a fairy-tale return to the Serie A within two years. Since then, the club has once again become one of the top Italian clubs and regularly represent Italy in international competitions.