Domenico Tedesco: We cannot allow ourselves to drop off

After the 2-0 win over Galatasaray, Domenico Tedesco was pleased with both the performance and the result. Away coach Faith Terim praised the victors, while Mark Uth and Daniel Caliguiri both discussed the importance of the win. has summarised the post-match reactions.

Domenico Tedesco:

We are very happy with three important points today. The games in the group are so tight, just as we thought before it started. We thought that Galatasaray would improve after the first game, especially as they had a couple of absentees back in their team. They are team with good players, who can really damage you when they are at full flow. We didn’t defend two of their counter attacks well enough in the first half. Alessandro Schöpf had a good chance to make it 2-0 but didn’t take it – of course they were then able to quickly counter attack down the side he was missing from. We wanted to get in behind their defence tonight, which we managed to do a lot. Therefore, I think this win was fully deserved.

I am very happy for my team, as they work so hard. We have worked on scoring goals and creating chances a lot in training. We did some drills with the ice hockey goals, whereby the players had to score from crosses. The main thing in training was ensuring that we were creating enough chances, something which I can directly influence. You must come up with simple plans to stop poor runs – just like ours at the start of this season. I think you can start believing in yourself and relying on your teammates after more and more wins. We are going in the right direction, winning games and have some real confidence now. After our poor run, we have learnt not to drop off – not in training, or on the pitch, else you will have no chance in the Bundesliga.

Fatih Terim:

We were a bit unlucky at the start and conceded that early goal to go behind, which was a real shock for us. It was an even game after that and we had five or six good moves in the first half, which resulted in two good chances to score. After they got their second, we allowed them to control the game more. They played well and were good value for the win.

Mark Uth:

This win was an important step towards the last 16. In our next two games in Porto and against Moscow we want to seal the deal so that we can continue playing Champions League football after the winter break. I am pleased I was able to help the team with another goal. It took a while for me to score my first goal in a Schalke shirt, so I’m all the more pleased to have scored in two consecutive games. Goals are always important for strikers. My goal against Hannover sort of broke a personal deadlock. As far as I’m concerned things can continue the way they’re going for me and especially for the team.

Daniel Caligiuri:

The team deserves a lot of praise tonight: Every last one of us did their job outstandingly. We’d had chances to take an early lead in previous games as well, this time we took that chance. The opening goal was very important. From then on we dominated the game until the final whistle. We had a number of chances before our second goal to build on our lead, but not once during the 90 minutes did I doubt that we would be leaving the pitch as winners. I think we’re on a great run now – the DFB-Pokal win gave us all another push forward: We showed great character as a team in that tie. I am sure that we will get more successful results in the coming weeks.


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