Alexander Jobst: We won’t create an artificial atmosphere, that wouldn’t be Schalke!

04 questions for Alexander Jobst. The Head of Marketing and Communications spoke about today’s decision made by the politicians and claimed that the Bundesliga can continue behind closed doors.

Alexander Jobst

Mr Jobst, what did you make of the decision made by the politicians today to continue the Bundesliga season?
I was delighted, of course. At the same time it means that we accept the decision made today and will follow the DFL health and safety regulations with great care.

What does it mean for Schalke 04?
For our club, just as with every other club, it means an enormous sense of responsibility for everyone involved in all aspects of our matches. We are ready and will deal with the situation in a sensible and highly professional manner, in order to comply with all of the regulations and to end the season in the best possible way.

The VELTINS-ARENA stands for the passion and energy of the fans like no other. There is no substitute for this.

Alexander Jobst

Matches behind closed doors at the VELTINS-ARENA, how will you deal with this?
The VELTINS-ARENA stands for the passion and energy of the fans like no other. There is no substitute for this. In preparation for playing behind closed doors, we have received countless offers and ideas for how to create an atmosphere in the stadium, whether it be cardboard cut-outs with pictures of fans or playing fan chants through the speakers in the stadium. I have never seriously considered any of these ideas because I don’t believe that such animations and gimmicks make sense for Schalke 04. Only our fans can create our atmosphere in the stadium and nothing can replace it. We will therefore play the games behind closed doors as they are; we won’t create an artificial atmosphere because that wouldn’t be Schalke!

How much does it hurt to play at the VELTINS-Arena without any fans?
Looking at the future of the club, we know that the media and sponsorship revenues are hugely important to FC Schalke 04. We have provided very transparent information about this over the past few weeks. In the current situation, playing behind closed doors is the only possible way to end the season, even if that means our fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for us from the sofa. Of course I’m a football fan as well and I’m already looking forward to our next sold-out home game, whenever that will be.


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