Clemens Tönnies returns to official duty

Three months have gone by since he went on leave from his duties at FC Schalke, tomorrow (07/11) he returns as chairman of the board. It is a return that the club's board members gladly welcome.

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Temporary chairman Dr Jens Buchta looked back of the past three months, “The task for the board was to undergo every process as quietly and efficiently as we possibly could. We managed to do this, even with a man down. Nevertheless, we look forward to having a full contingent again once Clemens Tönnies returns to his usual role as chairman.”

“Over the past 25 years, we have succeeded in keeping Schalke 04 in that group of competitors at the very top of the Bundesliga, while at the same time preserving our own identity. Clemens Tönnies has played a huge role in this during his time as chairman of the board”, emphasised Peter Peters, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Alexander Jobst, head of marketing and communications, explained, “Clemens Tönnies is simultaneously an important sparring partner and council-giver for those of us on the board. In addition, the club benefits from his economic network, his word has value everywhere you go. We are pleased that he can now throw his weight behind our club again.”

“It was Clemens Tönnies, who convinced me to come to Schalke 04. From the first moment, I was impressed by how such a successful and busy entrepreneur can contribute to his club and how he lives his life for Schalke 04,” said sporting director Jochen Schneider. “We are all very much looking forward to seeing Clemens Tönnies back in his usual role.”


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