Clemens Tönnies takes temporary leave

On Tuesday evening (6th August), FC Schalke 04’s honorary council discussed the case of Tönnies. After several hours, the council concluded that the allegations of racism made against S04’s supervisory board chief, Clemens Tönnies, were unsubstantiated.


However, allegations of having violated club policy and the statuary non-discrimination principles are justified. Clemens Tönnies has breached this duty, a duty particularly important in his role as chief of the supervisory board. He acknowledged this violation at Tuesday’s meeting and once again expressed regret.

Clemens Tönnies has therefore declared that he will take leave from the supervisory board and his position as chief for a three month period, after which he will resume in the same position.

The honorary council has welcomed Clemens Tönnies’ position and approved of both declarations.

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