FC Schalke 04 to form a women's football team

A milestone in the field of amateur football for the Knappen: from next season, FC Schalke 04 will officially have a women's football side. Over the next few months, the club will work on building the framework for the new team, with Bodo Menze acting as the director.

A women’s team will be added into the Kreisliga B this coming season (Herne, Bochum and Gelsenkirchen division), with an U17 Junior women’s team competing in the Kreisliga (Herne, Gelsenkirchen and Recklinghausen). Each year then, another youth side will be formed from the U15s downwards in order to facilitate a natural build up of the women’s division. Bodo Menze, often referred to as the “father of the Knappenschmiede”, and who has been a huge part of the club for many years, will oversee this formation: “I’ve watched a lot of women;’s football over the last few years, especially during the World Cup and was extremely excited by the quality football on show. It’s ever since then that I’ve been wanting to create a women’s football team here and I’m so happy that I’m able to do that now. As a board member of the Schalke Markt foundation, I’ve always tried to live by their motto “Preserve tradition – Shape the future” in trying to make football better, just as they’ve helped the Schalke-Nord region. Therefore I’m extremely excited to be a part of the women’s football project here at Schalke 04, and we’ll be in talks with everyone shortly about what will happen next.”

We're incredibly excited to finally see women and girls playing football for our beloved Schalke.

Jochen Schneider

Jochen Schneider, Sporting Director, added: “By establishing a new women’s and girls’ division, we want to expand our range of sporting endeavours. We’re incredibly excited to see women and girls finally playing football for our beloved Schalke. Our main focus is within the academy and amateur sports as we look to develop and new branch of youth sports that girls and women of all ages can call home. The first training sessions will take place auf Schalke on 18th and 25th July, as well as 1st August 2020. Any footballers who are interested can go to frauenfussball@schalke04.de and enter their details to sign up. The women’s team will take on those born before 1st January 2004, and the girls’ teams will take on those born after this date.


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