Jochen Schneider: Drawing the right conclusions from last season

Together with both new and old colleagues, Jochen Schneider has thoroughly deconstructed what happened over the last weeks and months. The Schalke sporting director explained that he is pleased that this turbulent season will be brought to an end following the club’s general membership meeting on Sunday, 30th June.

Jochen Schneider

At the same time, he highlighted that they are not just putting this past season behind them, but that they have thoroughly analysed it in order to draw the necessary conclusions. “Despite how difficult some days in March, April or May might have been, they were also quite valuable,” said Schneider. “They are evidence of why we had the season that we did.”

The 48-year-old doesn’t want to get into specific reasons. At the same time, he said “We want to change the structure. In order to do so, we’ve clearly defined the tasks and processes at hand. We will do everything in order to steer the club in the right direction once again.” Schneider is pleased that he has the full support of his fellow board members, as well as that of the supervisory board when it comes to defining and putting these plans into action.

Defining new tasks

Despite having envisioned otherwise, the club will not have a sporting director, given that the responsibilities of the role were too similar to those already being performed by Schneider as well as new technical director Michael Reschke. “That’s why we’ve redefined this role,” Schneider said. “Sascha Riether will become the new coordinator between the first team, the coaching staff and the board, as well as taking on some outreach work. He knows the team, the club and its surroundings like no one else. Furthermore, Sascha is very knowledgeable and made for this job.”

They are all team players. That’s extremely important in order to be successful.

Jochen Schneider

Schneider stressed that FC Schalke 04 has not just gained technical know-how in Reschke, Riether, new head coach David Wagner and his coaching staff. “They are all team players. That’s extremely important in order to be successful,” the 48-year-old said.

The first few weeks of working together with Reschke have shown that the Rheinland native was the right choice for the job as technical director. “Michael has more than 40 years of experience in the Bundesliga and has been successful working at the highest possible level with both Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern München, and lastly with VfB Stuttgart. His eye and gut-feeling for players are well-known in the industry. He knows this business like no other,” said Schneider.

Analysed many Huddersfield Town matches

The sporting director is also pleased to have brought in Wagner. “He practices a very active and forward-facing style of play, with lots of running, a desire to seek out challenges and to win as many balls as possible, which really impressed us,” said Schneider, who analysed multiple Huddersfield Town matches in great detail together with his colleagues. “Additionally, he is very open and sympathetic. He can get people fired up and is a fantastic motivator. David is just a great character.”

David Wagner is just a great character.

Jochen Schneider

The face of the team will still undergo some changes, Schneider said. “I’d like to ask for your understanding that I won’t take part in any speculation in regards to potential new signings,” said the sporting director. At the same time, he explained that the futures of a trio of Schalke players have already been discussed. “Hamza Mendyl, his advisor and the club came to the mutual conclusion that he will look for a new club and that he will be given the time to do so,” said the 48-year-old. “We also spoke with Nabil Bentaleb, who is currently undergoing a rehabilitation program in Lille. At the same time, both he and Yevhen Konoplyanka will both be looking for a new challenge.”


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