Royal Blues visit Great Wall of China

Following several intense days of training, the friendly against Southampton and a 1300 km journey from Kunshan to Beijing, the Schalke players were given a day off as they put their boots aside. Instead of a training session, head coach Domenico Tedesco organised a fascinating day out for the players and staff.

His destination of choice was the Great Wall of China, the largest structure in the world in terms of volume and mass. All the parts of the wall together reach a total length of 21,000 km. By comparison, the distance between Gelsenkirchen and Moscow stretches only 2,100 km.

Players take souvenir shots

Ralf Fährmann and his teammates enjoyed the insight into China’s history and were intrigued by the history of the wall, whose construction commenced as early the 7th century and lasted until the 17th century. It served as a fortified border in order to protect the Chinese Empire against invaders.

The only drawback from an otherwise successful outing was that the players’ view became slightly restricted at times due to fog. Nevertheless, the team insisted on taking numerous souvenir photos together.

Finally, the Royal Blues sauntered a little around the streets of Beijing. Everyone then watched the World-Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden later that evening together with the fans. The supporters were split as to who they were rooting for and people’s views likewise differed significantly from one another when asked who they believed will become world champions. However, Benjamin Stambouli was in no doubt that France will be the nation to lift the trophy!

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