“Soccer in the Streets”: Knappenschmiede coaches wrap up US tour in Atlanta

Last weekend Schalke’s Knappenschmiede coaches traveled to Atlanta, GA, to train with “Soccer in the Streets”, a non-profit organization that makes the game of soccer more accessible for inner city youth in Atlanta. The royal blue coaches wrapped up their stay in the U.S. with a day of clinics and activities on August 3rd with 30 players from “Soccer in the Streets”.

The fun-filled clinic kicked off with basic warmups and then cycled through various skill-based drills and concluded with a high-octane finishing drill. The young players received a unique experience training with the coaches, and in return, the coaches received a new perspective on this incredible organization in Atlanta. After the action-packed clinic, the coaches and the players got a chance to learn a little bit more about each other and enjoy some pizza!

Knappenschmiede-Camp in Atlanta

Founded in 1989, “Soccer in the Streets” prides itself on developing young leaders through soccer-based development. The organization’s core mission is to provide better access to quality soccer training, programs and facilities, which in turn better equips their youth participants to handle the challenges they will face in life. The organization serves in a comprehensive way, reaching its participants on and off the field through soccer training, classroom sessions, hands-on experiences and activities, and participation in youth leadership councils. Recently, “Soccer in the Streets” has risen to the American spotlight after their ‘StationSoccer’ initiative, which builds soccer fields around previously unused metro transit hubs. With two field complete, and one others under construction, Soccer in the Streets is poised to change Atlanta’s landscape.

Knappenschmiede-Camp in Atlanta

This first clinic was a resounding success, and marked the start of a great relationship between FC Schalke 04 and Soccer in the Streets.

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