Amine Harit: It’s a great feeling to excite the fans

Amine Harit has added goals to his game in the past couple of weeks. In an interview with, the Moroccan international spoke about his goals against Dortmund and Köln, Schalke’s situation in the league and his development under Domenico Tedesco before previewing the upcoming Gladbach test.

Amine Harit jubelt mit seinen Mitspielern.

Amine, it’s been a pretty successful couple of weeks for the club and you on a personal level. How pleased are you with the recent performances?

My goal has been to play as much as possible. The head coach has been giving me chances and I want to pay back his trust. I’ve got good momentum at the moment and I hope that it continues.

Is the club’s biggest asset its team spirit?

We have a very young team, but also more experienced players like Daniel Caligiuri and Naldo. I think it’s a good balance. Everyone tries their hardest, regardless of whether they’re playing or not. That’s important for the future of the club.

Do you sense the pleasure amongst the fans when the team plays good football?

Yes, definitely. It’s a great feeling to excite the fans – it’s one of the things I love most about football. I always enjoyed watching on TV when I was young. Now, I can pass that on to our fans.

Domenico Tedesco says you’re a great player but that you have a lot to learn…

He’s absolutely right. I can’t know everything there is to know at the age of 20. I want to get more assists and score more myself. I need to learn how to find the easy options on the pitch. You can always improve and get better. I’m currently working on my movement and my coordination, but also on my finishing and passing. Other than that, I spend a lot of time running – on the pitch and in the gym. Everyone at the club is helping me develop as a player.

Your ongoing improvement has been reflected in goals against Dortmund and Köln. How does it feel to get on the scoresheet?

Great! I also feel that I’m constantly improving. I wouldn’t have anything against getting another against Gladbach this weekend!

The Fohlenelf are just behind you in the league table. How important is this game for the rest of the season?

We would be four points ahead of Borussia with a win. That would definitely improve our situation going into the busy period before the winter break. I promise we’ll give everything.

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