Suat Serdar: I want to reach the ten-goal mark

Suat Serdar usually celebrates his birthday with the whole family, but this year was a little different. Nonetheless, he did manage to share a small birthday celebration with a small circle of relatives. In an interview with, the 23-year-old spoke about his greatest wish, football from the comfort of his own home and his friend Nassim Boujellab.

Suat Serdar

Suat, you turned 23 just days ago. Happy belated Birthday to you. How did you spend your day during this period of social distancing?

Thanks a lot. I spent my birthday with a small circle of people, because we’re all mindful of the rules and regulations. It was a nice day, despite the unusual situation. But yeah, I’m a family man, so something was lacking. But you can always have a party later on. When it’s possible, I’ll have a get-together with my friends and family. Maybe a barbecue or another type of meal.

Every birthday boy gets to make a wish. What’s your greatest wish?

A return to normality. Not just for me, but for everyone! I hope that we can go outside without worry soon, in order to enjoy life. Everyone should be well.

On your birthday, we had been scheduled to play against Werder Bremen. And you’d have been available, because you’ve recovered from your toe injury.

I had to battle this injury for a while. Thankfully I’m now pain free. It’s a shame that I couldn’t show that against Bremen. A game on my birthday would’ve been special. I’m fully prepared for the return of the Bundesliga.

Everyone in the world should be well.

Suat Serdar

You’re obviously doing well where fitness is concerned. But how have you managed to maintain your touch?

I have a small gym at home. I spend a few hours in there, with the ball too. Sometimes I pass it against the wall, sometimes I do keepie-uppies, out on the terrace as well. I’ve definitely not lost my touch. Just once, something almost happened (he laughs).

Tell us about it!

While holding the ball up, I was briefly distracted and the ball flew from the fourth floor. Luckily nothing got broken.

Thanks to some impressive performances throughout the current season, you had been a candidate to make the squad for EURO 2020. Have you been in contact with Joachim Löw in recent weeks?

It was a big goal of mine, to represent Germany this summer. I’m now targeting a call-up for 2021. I need to keep performing at club level for that to happen. That’s the only way to be noticed. After they cancelled this summer’s EURO’s, Joachim Löw found some encouraging words. He said that we now have more time to grow as a team. He also got in touch on my birthday. I was really happy about that.

I definitely haven't lost my touch.

Suat Serdar

You’ve scored seven goals this season. Do you have any particular goals for the remaining matches?

I’d like to reach the ten-goal mark. After missing the last few games through injury, I’m dying to get back out on the pitch. I have some other ambitions with the team. We want to show what we’re capable of.

Almost everywhere in the world, no football is currently being played. So there’s no live football on TV. How are you spending your evenings?

I watch a TV series. ‘Money Heist’ on Netflix is the one I’m enjoying the most right now. Season four came out a few days ago, I’ve already seen all the episodes. I’ve also been playing on the PlayStation a lot.

With the PlayStation in mind. In the Bundesliga Home Challenge, your good friend Nassim Boujellab has been on fire. Did you watch his games?

Of course. He played really well. But I expected nothing less, I already knew how good he is.

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