Royal Blues party with over 1,000 fans

“Everyone at Schalke will remember this evening fondly for a long time,” believes Daniel Koslowski.

Franco Di Santo auf der Blau-Weißen Nacht

A picturesque mountain panorama, excited fans and the players all in good spirits – these were the ingredients needed for the Royal Blues night as the squad concluded their first day of training at the Upper Tauern national park, and it could not have gone any better.

“Everyone at Schalke will remember this evening fondly for a long time,” believes Daniel Koslowski, who works closely with the Royal Blues fans. More than 1,000 fans, many of whom have travelled with the team to their training camp, had the chance to meet their favourite players away from the training field or in the stadium. Several fans in attendance were also based in Austria.

Captain Ralf Fährmann, along with the rest of the team, came out to meet everyone. Both players and fans chatted about the best club in the world and took plenty of photos. The players also had their new autograph cards with them, barely having any ink left in their pens by the end of the evening.

Christian Heidel was overjoyed at the reception from the fans: “When you drive through the streets, you can see a Schalke flag in almost every window and on every balcony. The national park in Upper Tauern is definitely blue and white.”

New signing Steven Skrzybski, already known to be an S04 fan from a young age, revealed that he was often out on a limb as a Blue-White whilst in Berlin. “I still always stood by the fact that Schalke was my club,” said the attacker. “So many fans have joined us at our training camp… it’s crazy!” But he also showed that he has a sharp mind. On being asked what position is his favourite to play in, he answered laughing: “Definitely not goalkeeper or centre-back.”

Mark Uth, also a new face in the Schalke family, confirmed that he has been received very well. He now wants to pay the club and fans back with his performances on the pitch. He was also asked about his favourite position but before the 26-year-old could reply, a fan shouted, “Doesn’t matter, as long as the ball goes in!” The forward grinned and then said, “Now I am really looking forward to my first home game at the VELTINS-Arena!”

Skrzybski and Uth got their pens out again after the talk and continued to accept the numerous requests for autographs. After 90 minutes and some Fergie time added on at the end, the fans bid farewell to the team with a rapturous applause to top off a thrilling evening for all.