Mark Uth: I feel good again after my injury

Two months to the day after Mark Uth played his last game in a S04 shirt before picking up his injury, he is not set to make his comeback on Friday in a friendly against KRC Genk. “I feel good, everything is going to plan and I feel like I did before my injury,” said the Germany national team player.

“I’m just a little bit sore because I’ve had a couple weeks off before training again,” he said. Mark Uth had suffered hamstring injury and a tendon injury in his left thigh in the Bundesliga game at Eintracht Frankfurt. It stopped Uth from playing, just after he had started to find his rhythm. He had scored his first two goals for Schalke the week before.

Friendly against Genk will be like a competitive game

Uth has been satisfied with the work put in during training in Benidorm. “We train hard, work on tactics and want to improve,” said the striker. The 27-year-old thinks the preparation being put in for the game against VfL Wolfsburg, has been good.

The friendly against Genk will prove to be a stern test before Schalke 04 face Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. The Belgian side are in the Europa League and currently top of the Belgian league. “I’m looking forward to the game against Genk,” said the striker. “A friendly is something different compared to a training session. As both teams are about to restart our seasons, we will both play as if it is a competitive game.”


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Satisfied with the training camp in Benidorm

Getting match practice is more important than the result in a friendly, and Schalke got plenty of it in their 2-2 draw against KRC Genk on Friday (11th January). “70% of the training camp was focussed on attacking. The good thing is that you could see that, regardless of the result against Genk. The boys did really well,” said Domenico Tedesco.


Alessandro Schöpf: “Pushing ourselves to the limit in training”

Alessandro Schöpf is used to rolling out the miles during matches. In Benidorm, strenuous running and sprinting exercises are of course part of training, but for the 24-year-old this is not a problem. "It's intense, but that's to be expected in the training camp. We want our fitness levels to be top for the second half if the season.”


Benjamin Stambouli: Pass my experience on to the younger players

There is no mistaking Benjamin Stambouli in Benidorm. The defender is constantly praising his teammates, getting excited about good play and getting annoyed at mistakes. The Frenchman is now considered an experience team leader – exactly what he likes.


Guido Burgstaller working on his comeback

Guido Burgstaller has travelled to the training camp in Benidorm, but has not been in the thick of it, instead spending his time in the weights room and doing fitness sessions. While his teammates prepare for the second half of the season, the attacker is preparing and working on his comeback. In a break from training, the 29-year-old spoke about his journey back to full fitness.