Michael Langer: Emerging stronger as a team

In Längenfeld, training takes place on two pitches. While Schalke’s outfield players have been working on fitness, athleticism and game drills on one pitch, the three goalkeepers have been toiling away together with Simon Henzler on the other.

Michael Langer

“We’ve been working hard on jumping power and becoming more dynamic, as well as the tactical side of goalkeeping,” explains Michael Langer. “Together with Ralf Fährmann and Markus Schubert, I’ve been doing everything I can to push us that little bit further.”

Although at the end of the day only one of the trio will be able to start, the sentiment amongst them is superb. “We’re all supportive of each other and want to get better every day,” says the 35-year-old. “I’ve been going for a long time and the atmosphere we have here is exceptional. I’ve rarely experienced anything like it.”

What’s important now is that we all pull in the right direction.

Michael Langer

Langer has a high opinion of his two teammates. “Ralle has already made almost 200 Bundesliga appearances in his career and was knocking on the door of the national team two years ago. And Schubi is the goalkeeper for Germany U21s,” he praises. You can’t deny that last season was difficult for both of them. “Every keeper goes through bad spells in their career, but both have a lot of quality and I see that every day in training.”

The veteran is feeling a sense of new beginnings in the team following the interrupted end to last season. “Some players have returned from loan, others have returned from injury. They’re all eager to get going again. We’re working hard as a team, but we’re still having fun,” he says.

“The past five months have not been easy for any of us. What’s important now is that we all pull in the right direction so that we emerge of this phase stronger as a team,” finishes Langer.


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