Ralf Fährmann: “Time to make amends from the first half of the season”

Schalke 04 have already completed more than half of their training sessions in Benidorm. Club captain Ralf Fährmann is more than satisfied with his teammates’ work over the past few days in Spain. “We have worked with high concentration levels,” the goalkeeper said. “They are very tough sessions but we are on the right track.”

Finally, it is time “to make amends” from the first half of the season the 30-year-old said. “Everyone has been fully focused and are tying everything to find their best form,” said Fährmann. “We will be a bit more calm and composed on the pitch and that’s because every player is more focused now.”

Drawing a line under 2018

The poor first half of the season in the Bundesliga has not pleased the Schalke 04 goalkeeper. Even on holiday during the winter break, it was on his mind. “No Schalke fan deserves to be in this situation,” said Fährmann, who is happy to draw a line under 2018 – which held many good but also bad moments. “Everyone is aware of how the first half of the season went,” said the keeper. “It’s left its mark on us.”

In order to have a successful second half of the season, the team need to stick together. “Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses,” noted Fährmann. “Everyone has to back each other so we can all fulfil our potentials.”

The first game will be very important

Ralf Fährmann

The first game against VfL Wolfsburg on the 20th January will be very important, to set the tone of the rest of the season too. “The first game will be very important,” said Fährmann, who knows that the team need more points on the board to move up the table.

After the first part of the second half of the season, we will be able to see what direction the club are going. Naturally, a start similar to the start of this season should be avoided. “We must now make amends for what happened in the first half of the season; for ourselves, for our families, for our club, for our colours;” said Fährmann. “One thing is clear. We need to work together.”


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