David Wagner: We deserved to lose

David Wagner and his Freiburg counterpart Christian Streich both gave their thoughts after the final game of the season. Daniel Caligiuri also commented on Schalke’s 4-0 loss away from home.

Christian Streich und David Wagner

David Wagner

Our young team started the game well and had a few good chances which could have put us ahead – they probably should have. Freiburg were then incredibly clinical. We didn’t offer much of a fight in the second half, so we deserved to lose.

Christian Streich:

It was a hard-fought game. We played well for the majority of it and scored a lovely first goal. We showed a lot of efficiency today. It’s a great end to the season for us.

Daniel Caligiuri:

We had our chances at the start – but we conceded the goals once again, which saw us lose the game. The way we were beaten in the end was unacceptable. We haven’t been at the level we were earlier in the season in recent weeks.