Mission statement

The following FC Schalke 04 mission statement was adopted by the members at the general meeting on 3 June 2012.

1. The name of our club is and will remain Football Club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. It is and will remain a club within the meaning of the German law on clubs, societies and associations.

2. Our club colours are and will remain blue and white. Whenever possible, this should also be the playing kit of the club’s teams.

3. The Schalker Markt is the cradle of our club. The way we see ourselves is shaped by our local and regional roots in the Ruhr. Therefore the club is and will remain based in Gelsenkirchen, the city of a thousand fires. From its local origins Schalke 04 has evolved into a club whose many „thousand friends“ now stand together all over the world. We are Schalker everywhere; some by birth, but all of us from the heart. Schalke has always been a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities and that is how it should always be.

4. FC Schalke 04 began as a colliers‘ and grafters‘ club. For this reason our club shall within the financial means at its disposal enable its supporters from all social backgrounds to participate in the life of the club and attend matches. Resting on our tradition as a miners‘ club, we acknowledge our social responsibility. Here we attach particular importance to work in an honorary capacity.

5. In the Schalke family, with its manifold structures, we interact with each other with respect and on equal terms. Even when discussing critical issues we are tolerant of other opinions and show consideration for the concerns of others. The dialogue between the club bodies, the members and the multifaceted fan base is open and trustworthy. The decision-making authority remains with the officials named for this purpose in the constitution.

6. A shared passion for the game and for Schalke 04 and pride in our tradition is what unites us at Schalke. Ever since the club was formed we have lived out emotions very intensively. Collective elation and collective pain are important and valuable parts of our identity. This passion should also be imparted to the employees of the club, regardless of whether they are in the sporting area or in other areas.

We take decisions on a rational basis. The living out of emotions must not violate any of the values that are furthered by this mission statement.

7. Every one of us gives our best for the club, whether we are players, employees, members or fans.
We stand by our FC Schalke 04 with conviction in good times and bad.
We are proud to be Schalker!

8. As Schalker we reject discrimination and violence. We show racism the red card and actively promote tolerance and fairness.

9. Our collective goal is sporting success. In pursuit of this goal, however, no one may endanger the existence of our club or violate the values set forth in this mission statement.

10. In the area of sport we aspire to a long-term concept for all our teams that shall remain intact regardless of changes of personnel. Our Schalke strives to promote – for sporting and social considerations – the advancement of our own youth section.

11. The roots of our future lie in our past. We wish to actively shape them, especially in the areas of:

– Sporting development
– Retention of members, fans, employees and sponsors
– Business development
– Social responsibility

A sense of proportion, responsibility and endurance are the prerequisites for ensuring Schalke remains our Schalke in the future.