Schalker International: Ahmed Afandi

In our latest edition of our series ‘Schalker International’, where we’ll meet Schalke fans all over the globe and find out about how they came to love FC Schalke 04, we spoke to Ahmed Afandi from Tunisia.

How did you become a Schalke fan?
It was around 2007. My dad loves Schalke too so I started watching lots of games. I think I became a fan because of the players, like Kevin Kuranyi and Gerald Asamoah.

What’s supporting Schalke in Tunisia like?
I wouldn’t say that we’ve got a lot of fans here in Tunisia, however Schalke is still a well-respected club in this country.

Have you ever been to Germany or watched a Schalke game live?
I haven’t been to Germany before, unfortunately. But I dream of being able to visit the VELTINS-Arena one day to cheer on the team.

Just simply watch Schalke and you’ll fall in love with the supporters and the stadium!

Ahmed Afandi

Do you have a favourite Schalke player?
I’ve had a number of favourite players over the years. As already mentioned, I really liked Kevin Kuranyi and Gerald Asamoah when I first started watching the club. Then I’ve enjoyed watching people like Raúl, Julian Draxler and Naldo. My current favourite would be Ralf Fährmann!

What’s your favourite Schalke match of all time?
That would have to be the 4-4 against Dortmund – I think we all know why!

What makes Schalke special?
For me, it’s the loyalty of the fans. Their support is truly amazing, especially considering the lack of success in recent years.

Finally, why would you recommend becoming a Royal Blue?
I would recommend it because of the fans. If you watch any game, you’ll still see them cheering on the team, even in the most difficult of situations. They amazed me in Manchester when they were still so loud despite that big defeat. Just simply watch Schalke and you’ll fall in love with the supporters and the stadium!

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