Bastian Oczipka: Work hard and correct wrongdoings

Bastian Oczipka rounded of the Benidorm training camp by receiving a Happy Birthday song from his teammates. He was also able to celebrate his 30th birthday by eating cake shortly before departing Spain.

A successful start to the second half of the season is a present that Oczipka wishes to get. Concerning the game against VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday (20/01/19), Oczipka thinks the team is well prepared. “We discussed many things in Benidorm, analysed a lot and then implemented it on the pitch,” said the 30-year-old, who played last few games of the season after recovering from an injury.

After the 3-1 victory against Stuttgart, Oczipka explained that he would have preferred to have kept playing instead of go into the winter break as he had just started to get into a good rhythm. “I felt good but for the team, the break was needed,” he said.

Make things right

With the batteries recharged, the team now wants to make things right. “18 points from 17 games was not what we wanted,” Oczipka admits. However, for Oczipka the current situation is not new. “When I played in Frankfurt, we were also in a bad patch of form,” he recalls.

“We bettered the difficult situation together with hard work. That’s what we have to do from now too,” said Oczipka.  “As a team, we’ve got to challenge ourselves, reflect, and make things right again.”


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