David Wagner: We need to dust ourselves down and improve quickly

Both head coaches gave their thoughts after the 96th Revierderby – albeit not in the normal fashion. Instead of the traditional post-match press conference, they both spoke to journalists online. Daniel Caligiuri and Weston McKennie were also interviewed after the derby defeat.

David Wagner

David Wagner:

It was a poor performance and we conceded goals at bad moments – both before and just after the break. We weren’t brave enough today. We gave Dortmund too much freedom and space. Their goals could easily have been avoided. We didn’t have a feeling of where we were at today. Our defending wasn’t good enough and we deserved to lose the game.  We need to dust ourselves down and improve for next time. The team – despite the result – has a lot of potential. I don’t want to start questioning that because of one day.

Lucien Favre:

It was a good display by us and we deserved to win. We’re naturally happy with the result. We didn’t know how things would turn out today after the break, so it was a really good start.

Daniel Caligiuri:

We weren’t at the races in the first half. It wasn’t good at all. We weren’t in the game, were just chasing them around and left too much space. It was difficult to defend against them. It was an extremely painful afternoon. None of us were at our best today. We obviously missed the support of the fans, but we have to just accept the situation. We now have to get up for the coming games even more now. We’re pleased that the season is being played. We still have clear goals and we need to continue working towards them.

Weston McKennie:

It’s hard to take. You never want to lose a game, especially a derby. To lose 4-0 is especially disappointing. It was different today without the fans. We need to adapt to these new conditions. We will analyse the game and hopefully do better next week. Dortmund have a talented team. Sometimes you have games in which you struggle to put tackles in and today was one of those days. They played well and got in behind us regularly. We need to improve and get ourselves out of this bad situation. We won’t get nervous in our fight for the Europa League. Our performances have to improve though.