Daily quick tests return a positive Covid-19 infection

As part of the daily quick tests on Monday (10/5), one player tested positive for Covid-19. That player in question immediately started self-isolating at home.


Even though all other members of the first-team setup tested negative, the club called off training as a precaution. An extra round of PCR tests were carried out and the results are expected back on Tuesday morning (11/5). The club will then decide on when to return to training once those results are back.

The club cannot currently say whether the positive infection will have an impact on the Bundesliga home game against Hertha BSC on Wednesday (12/5, 18:00 CEST). Club doctor and hygiene officer Dr. Patrick Ingelfinger will contact Geslenkirchen’s health authority once the results of the PCR tests are back to discuss the next necessary measures.

FC Schalke 04 will follow all instructions from the authorities. The club would also ask for the player in question’s privacy to be respected.


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