Ahmed Kutucu: #DasWarenZeiten on Instagram was a spontaneous idea

Ahmed Kutucu has been making his fans laugh with his recent #DasWarenZeiten (those were the days) series on his Instagram account over the past few days. The 20-year-old revealed to schalke04.de how he came about the idea to create the hilarious photo montages. The local lad also announced that there could be a Royal Blue face off on the dart board soon to come.

Ahmed Kutucu

Ahmed, you’ve surprised lots of your fans recently on Instagram with your Photoshop skills. There are various photo montages on your account with the Hashtag #DasWarenZeiten (those were the times), which all have one key theme in common: you as a player in historic Schalke teams. How did you come about the idea?
It was spontaneous. Since the past few days haven’t been easy for all of us, I wanted to bring something positive to our everyday lives with a few pictures from FC Schalke 04’s history. So I got the idea to put myself into the photos. But I have to be honest, I had to get some help to make them because my Photoshop skills aren’t the best. But other than that I got the ideas myself.

What have the fans made of it?
The feedback has been really positive. Lots of fans were happy with the variety. But I’m just glad that I was able to make people laugh.

As well as other things you included the equaliser to make it 4-4 in the derby, the DFB Pokal win in 2011 and the UEFA Cup win in 1997. Which of these events would have you loved to have seen live?
Definitely the UEFA cup win in Milan. Anyone who experienced this in the flesh will never forget it. And the same goes for everyone else (laughs). I wasn’t even born yet in 1997 and the players from back then are still absolute heroes for me. The ‘Eurofighters’ made history. However, winning the DFB Pokal or a Naldo 2.0 would also be good (smiles).

The feedback from the fans has been very positive.

Ahmed Kutucu

You were born in Gelsenkirchen and have been a Schalke fan ever since you were a kid. Can you still remember your first ever kit?
Yes, I got it as a present in 2006. I got the away kit at the time which was white and sky blue, with the number six on the back. Hamit Altintop was #6 at the time. However my shirt said ‘Ahmed’ on the back, not ‘Hamit’!

Hamit Altintop was also born in Gelsenkirchen. Have you ever met him before?
Unfortunately not. But I hope that I will get the chance to at some point. Hamit Altintop was a big role model of mine when I was young.

In the series “So leb ich dich” run by Schalke TV we could see that you have a darts board in your room. Have you mastered your accuracy over the past few days?
I’ve actually thrown some good darts recently. But I must admit, I’m still a bad darts player (laughs). There’s definitely still room for improvement.

Did you know that Jochen Schneider is a big darts fan? He even went to the World Championships at the famous Ally Pally in December.
Really? I actually didn’t know that. Even if I’m not the best player, maybe I’ll challenge Jochen Schneider to a Royal Blue face-off (smiles).

Other than training and your posts on Instagram, how are you keeping yourself entertained at the moment?
The days are really long when you don’t leave the house. But the rules are important so I’m sticking to them. I play a lot of PlayStation and play FIFA against my best friend. Otherwise I just chill and rest.

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