David Wagner: Too many players on the pitch who aren’t on top form

After the final whistle sounded on Matchday 23’s Topspiel, David Wagner and Julian Nagelsmann both gave their thoughts at the press conference. Jochen Schneider also weighed in on what was a difficult game. We collected all the post-match reaction.

David Wagner

David Wagner:

We played poorly against a team of Champions League calibre, so as a result, we deserved to lose. We had too many players on the pitch who aren’t in great form, but there are reasons for that. A lot of our players have had to keep playing when perhaps they deserve a break. Others aren’t 100% fit and are lacking a bit of rhythm, in addition to the players we already have out injured. We have to keep working hard on the training ground to rediscover our form, and then hope that our injured players come back strong, and our other players stay fit.

Julian Nagelsmann:

Die frühe Führung hat uns gutgetan und uns Sicherheit gegeben. Zwar hatten wir kurz danach einige Ballverluste; vielleicht auch, weil der Kopf nach der Englischen Woche unterbewusst gedacht hat, dass man einen Schritt weniger machen kann. Ab der 20. Minute waren wir aber wieder sehr gut im Spiel – auch was Mentalität angeht. Wir hatten die absolute Gier, um zu gewinnen.

Jochen Schneider:

The result in the end was too much, we didn’t need to concede the last two. Nevertheless, we would have lost irrespective of these two goals. At the moment, we’re struggling to find our form. On top of that, a few players are lacking rhythm. And then you come up against an opponent who delivers a performance like that. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes.
The start was anything but good with the early goal. But even without that, we would have struggled to get something from the game. Our fans were there despite the resounding defeat. The way they supported us in the final stages, and then again after the whistle, was incredible. We need to all work our way out of this situation together. For that, we need patience and calm. That match hurts, as it will do tomorrow. But I’m convinced that we will all show better performances in the coming weeks.



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