Schalker International: Espagbol FC

After FC Schalke 04’s change of main club sponsor a few months ago, a 6-a-side team in England got in touch with the Royal Blues about new shirts and were delighted to receive them. Team captain Alex Jackson spoke to about his side's connection to S04.

Espagbol FC

Tell us about your football team.
Espagbol FC was founded in 2006 by a bunch of unfit mates in a pub in Macclesfield, about 20 miles south of Manchester, England. Having competed at an elite average level of 6-a-side football for the past 16 years, we’ve seen many a player come and go, but the love and passion for “The Bol” never leaves one of us. We’re currently placed 5th in the Wilmslow PowerPlay Premier League having won the Championship title last season (just like Schalke!).

How did you end up wearing Schalke shirts?
Over the years we have ‘donned’ the colours of many a team to try and emulate on the pitch, including Espanyol (for obvious reasons) and River Plate. However, for the past four years we have proudly worn the shirts of the Royal Blues (in all honesty thanks to a great range of sizes online!) and haven’t looked back since.

We have proudly worn the shirts of the Royal Blues for the last four years.

Alex Jackson

Do any of you have a strong interest in German football? Or Schalke in particular?
We’re all huge fans of German football, between us visiting lots of different grounds in the country over the years. Unfortunately, that list still doesn’t include the VELTINS-Arena, although we hope to change that soon with plans afoot for a team bonding trip in the very near future.

We are crossing all of our fingers for a „Bol“ trip away during the 2022/23 season – we will keep the real blue flags flying!

Have you started to follow Schalke’s results?
We certainly have, and we were absolutely delighted in May to see the club had successfully been promoted back to where it belongs in the Bundesliga. Our WhatsApp group was full of messages after the final day victory over Nürnberg, and wow that goal by Rodrigo Zalazar from his own half was stuff dreams are made of!

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