Amine Harit: Happy to have such an important role

In his first two seasons he scored four goals altogether: this time around he already has six to his name meaning Amine Harit finds himself in incredible form. But the 22-year-old insists he has not yet reached his ceiling. “I never put limits on myself,” said the midfielder, who scored the important opener in the 2-1 win over Bremen.

“I want to score goals, and I’m happy to have done so as often as I have done so far,”  said Harit on his sliced finish in the 43rd minute which lacked power yet had the direction and disguise to beat Werder keeper Jiri Pavlenka.

It was Harit’s sixth goal of the campaign, which has also seen him bag two assists. The only players to have scored more this season in the Bundesliga are strikers Robert Lewandowski (16), Timo Werner (12) and Rouwen Hennings (9).

Harit bursting with confidence

His contributions so far this season have dubbed him the Bundesliga’s most dangerous midfielder. Because of this, the Moroccan has great belief in his own ability. “I’ve got a lot of confidence in myself and I’m happy to have such an important role in this team,” said Harit, who claims that trust from his coaches and staff is “the most important thing for a football”.

Harit didn’t give a concrete figure for how many goals he wants to get – but it definitely won’t stay at 6. “In an ideal world I’d score in every game and help the team grab the three points,” said Harit, who knows he’s doing well but he doesn’t want to take his foot off the gas.

In an ideal world I’d score in every game and help the team grab the three points.

Amine Harit

The 22-year-old didn’t want to commit to any targets for the season but he emphasised that a club of Schalke’s calibre belong in the top three. Harit: “We’re doing everything we can to get there.”


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