Amine Harit: Important to try new things

Seven goals and seven assists in 23 matches: Amine Harit has been an important figure FC Schalke 04’s successful season so far. And even if oppositions players are slowly finding ways of keeping the Moroccan quiet, our man is constantly looking to stay one step ahead and let his qualities shine through.

“Opponents are defending better against me now, but I will continue to work hard,” said Harit, who knows that things don’t always go to plan on the pitch. “It’s important to always try new things, even if it doesn’t work. The next time it might do and you’ll score. I will never stop trying,” the number 25 promised.

It’s notable how often opponents must resort to ‘dirty’ tactics to halt Harit’s advance. “It’s been like that for a while, that I am always being fouled. It’s part of my way of playing,” he admits. “I don’t want to be provoked and then let my team down by being sent off, so as long as I stay injury free, all is well.”

Harit on the cup draw against Bayern: Everything is possible

Harit’s confidence also extends to the DFB-Pokal quarterfinal against Bayern München. “Everything is possible,” says the midfielder, for whom the recent 5-0 defeat in Munich plays no role. “Two years ago we lost in the semi-final to Frankfurt, then they beat Bayern in the final,” recalls Harit, emphasising Bayern’s fallibility in the cup. “We’ll see what happens – we have nothing to lose.”

He is a very good player with many qualities. It’s a lot easier when he is on the pitch.

Amine Harit

First up, Schalke face a trip to 1. FSV Mainz on Sunday (16.2, 18:00 CET). Harit will be without his midfield partner Suat Serdar for the game. “Suat and I have played together for two years now, he is also a very good friend of mine off the pitch,” Harit tells, adding: “He is a very good player with many qualities. It’s a lot easier when he is on the pitch. But we have a good squad.”



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